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Grave Sight, Charlaine Harris, Berkley Prime Crime, $7.99.

Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris

This is an unusual and sparky new novel from veteran Charlaine Harris, the first in a planned series about Harper Connelly. Harper was struck by lightening in adolescence and ever since has not only been able to locate dead bodies, but is able to tell how they died. She's more or less with them at the moment of death - it's an exhausting talent, and she travels with her brother, Tolliver, who takes care of her in lots of different ways. This is a skill that's quite frequently useful to the police, and in Grave Sight, the story opens with Harper and Tolliver visiting the tiny town of Sarne in the Ozarks to figure out how one person died, and to try and find the other person he was with at the time. Most of the town had assumed a murder/suicide, an assumption Harper is quickly able to dispel, and it's there that the trouble begins.

This novel has much in common with Martha Lawrence's recent series featuring a psychic detective.

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