Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Nina Wright Whiskey on the Rocks $13.95 Michigan
Nina Wright Whiskey Straight Up $13.95 Michigan
Sally Wright Out of the Ruins $6.99 Academic
Sally Wright Pride and Predator $6.50 Academic
Sally Wright Pursuit and Persuasian $6.50 Academic
Qiu Xiaolong A Case of Two Cities $24.95 China/Police
Qiu Xiaolong Death of a Red Heroine $14.00 China
Qiu Xiaolong A Loyal Character Dancer $13.00 China
Qiu Xiaolong When Red is Black $13.00 China
David Yancey The Highly Effective Detective $6.99 P.I.
Margaret Yorke Almost the Truth $5.99 British/Psychological
Christine Ellen Young A Bitter Brew $7.99 True Crime
Scott Young The ShamanŐs Knife $5.95 Alaska
Carlos Ruiz Zafon The Shadow of the Wind $15.00 Bibliomystery
R.D. Zimmerman Blood Trance $4.99 Suspense
R.D. Zimmerman Hostage $10.95 Gay/Lesbian
R.D. Zimmerman Outburst $11.95 Gay/Lesbian
R.D. Zimmerman Red Trance $4.99 Suspense
R.D. Zimmerman Tribe $5.50 Gay/Lesbian
Mark Richard Zubro An Echo of Death $11.95 Gay/Lesbian
Mark Richard Zubro Are You Nuts? $12.95 Gay/Lesbian
Mark Richard Zubro Drop Dead $12.95 Gay/Lesbian
Mark Richard Zubro One Dead Drag Queen $12.95 Gay/Lesbian
Mark Richard Zubro Why IsnŐt Becky Twitchell Dead? $8.95 Gay/Lesbian