Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Don Winslow A Cool Breeze on the Underground $6.50 P.I.
Don Winslow While Drowning in the Desert $5.99 P.I.
Jacqueline Winspear Messenger of Truth $24.00 Historical/WWI
Jacqueline Winspear Pardonable Lies $14.00 Historical/WWI
Brian M. Wiprud Crokked $6.99 Humor
Brian M. Wiprud Stuffed $6.99 Humor
Brian M. Wiprud Tailed $6.99 Humor
David Wishart Germanicus $9.99 Historical
David Wishart Ovid $9.99 Historical
David Wishart A Vote for Murder $9.99 Historical
K.J.A. Wishnia Soft Money $5.99 P.I.
K.J.A. Wishnia The Glass Factory $5.99 P.I.
Linda Wolfe Love Me to Death $6.99 True Crime
Marvin J. Wolf and Katherine Mader Perfect Crimes $5.99 True Crime
Valerie Wolzein A Good Year for a Corpse $4.99 Cozy
Valerie Wolzein A Star Spangled Murder $4.50 Cozy
Valerie Wolzein All Hallows Evil $6.99 Cozy
Valerie Wolzein An Anniversary to Die For $6.99 Cozy
Valerie Wolzein Death at a Premium $6.99 Cozy
Valerie Wolzein Death in a Beach Chair $6.99 Cozy
Valerie Wolzein Murder in the Forecast $6.99 Cozy
Valerie Wolzein The Fortieth Birthday Body $5.99 Cozy
Valerie Wolzein The Student Body $5.99 Cozy
Valerie Wolzein This Old Murder $6.50 Cozy
Valerie Wolzein Tis the Season to be Murdered $4.99 Cozy
Valerie Wolzein We Wish You a Merry Murder $5.99 Cozy
Valerie Wolzein Weddings Are Murder $5.99 Cozy
Steven Womack Chain of Fools $5.99 P.I.
Steven Womack Dead Folks Blues $5.99 P.I.
Steven Womack Dirty Money $6.50 P.I.
Steven Womack Murder Manuel $5.99 P.I.
Steven Womack Torch Town Boogie $4.99 P.I.
Steven Womack Way Past Dead $5.99 P.I.
Donita Woodruff Deadly Masquerade $6.99 True Crime
Paula L. Woods Inner City Blues $6.99 African American
Paula L. Woods Stormy Weather $6.99 African American
Sherryl Woods Bank on It $4.99 Cozy
Sherryl Woods Hide and Seek $4.99 Cozy
Sherryl Woods Hot Schemes $4.99 Cozy
Ann Woodward The Exile Way $5.50 Historical
Deborah Woodworth Dancing Dead $6.50 Historical
Deborah Woodworth Killing Gifts $5.99 Historical
Deborah Woodworth Sins of a Shaker Summer $5.99 Historical
Cornell Woolrich Night and Fear $15.95 Noir
Cornell Woolrich Read Window $12.00 Classic
Cornell Woolrich Rendezvous in Black $12.95 Classic
Edward Wright Clea’s Moon $12.50 Historical
Eric Wright The Kidnapping of Rosie Dawn $12.95 Academic
L.R. Wright Prized Possessions $5.95 Psychological
Nancy Means Wright Mad Season $12.95 Cozy