Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Randy Wayne White Key West Connection $6.99 Nature
Randy Wayne White North of Havana $6.99 Nature
Randy Wayne White Sanibel Flats. $6.99 Nature
Randy Wayne White Shark River $6.99 Nature
Randy Wayne White Tampa Burn $7.99 Nature
Randy Wayne White Ten Thousand Islands $6.99 Nature
Randy Wayne White The Deep Six $6.99 Nature
Randy Wayne White The Heat Islands $6.99 Nature
Randy Wayne White The Mangrove Coast $6.99 Nature
Randy Wayne White Twelve Mile Limit $6.99 Nature
Stephen White Blinded $7.99 Suspense
Stephen White Cold Case $7.99 Suspense
Stephen White Critical Conditions $7.99 Suspense
Stephen White HarmÕs Way $7.99 Suspense
Stephen White Kill Me $9.99 Suspense
Stephen White Manner of Death $7.50 Suspense
Stephen White Missing Persons $9.99 Suspense
Stephen White Private Practices $7.99 Suspense
Stephen White Remote Control $6.99 Suspense
Stephen White The Best revenge $7.99 Suspense
Stephen White The Program $7.99 Suspense
Stephen White Warning Signs $7.99 Suspense
Victor L. Whitechurch Murder at the Pageant $6.95 Historical
Colin Wilcox A Death Before Dying $7.95 Noir
Kate Wilhelm The Casebook of Constance and Charlie: The Hamlet Trap, Smart House, and Seven Kinds of Death $18.95 P.I.
Kate Wilhelm The Deepest Water $6.50 Suspense
Kate Wilhelm Skeletons $6.50 Suspense
Kate Wilhelm Sleight of Hand $6.99 Legal
Kate Wilhelm The Unbidden Truth $6.99 Legal
Paul Wilkes Temptations $4.99 Clerical
Charles Willeford Pick-Up $7.99 Noir
Charles Willeford The Hot Spot $8.95 Noir
Len Williams Justice Deferred $7.99 Noir
Barbara Wilson Sisters of the Road $9.95 Gay/Lesbian
Barbara Wilson The Dog Collar Murders $9.95 Gay/Lesbian
Barbara Jaye Wilson Capped Off $6.99 Cozy
Barbara Jaye Wilson Death Flips itÕs Lid $5.99 Cozy
Barbara Jaye Wilson Hatful of Homicide $5.99 Cozy
Barbara Jaye Wilson Murder and the Mad Hatter $5.99 Cozy
Colin Wilson Written in Blood: The Trail and the Hunt $4.99 True Crime
Colin Wilson Written in Blood: The Criminal Mind and Method $4.99 True Crime
John Morgan Wilson Blind Eye $14.95 Gay/Lesbian
John Morgan Wilson Justice at Risk $6.50 Gay/Lesbian
John Morgan Wilson Revision of Justice $5.99 Gay/Lesbian
John Morgan Wilson Simple Justice $6.50 Gay/Lesbian
John Morgan Wilson The Limits of Justice $6.50 Gay/Lesbian
Laura Wilson Dying Voices $5.99 Psychological
Robert Wilson The Company of Strangers $15.00 Historical
Simon Winchester The Professor and the Madman $13.00 True Crime
R.D. Wingfield Frost at Christmas $6.50 British/Police