Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Michele Scott A Vintage Murder $6.99 Wine
Robert Scott Deadfall $6.99 True Crime
Lisa Scottoline DaddyŐs Girl $9.99 Legal
Kate Sedley The Three Kings of Cologne $14.95 Historical
Maggie Sefton A Deadly Yarn $6.99 Cozy
Maggie Sefton A Killer Stitch $6.99 Knitting
Maggie Sefton Knit One, Kill Two $6.99 Cozy
Maggie Sefton Needled to Death $6.99 Cozy
Lawrence Shames Florida Straits $6.50 Humor
Lawrence Shames Mangrove Squeeze $6.99 Humor
Lawrence Shames Scavenger Reef $6.50 Humor
Lawrence Shames Tropical Depression $5.99 Humor
Lawrence Shames Welcome to Paradise $6.99 Humor
Sarah Shankman I Still Miss My Man but My Aim is Getting Better $5.99 Music
Sarah Shankman Now LetŐs Talk of Graves $4.99 Journalism
Sarah Shankman She Walks in Beauty $4.99 Journalism
Ray Shannon Firecracker $7.99 Thriller
Zoe Sharp First Drop $6.99 Thriller
Jennifer Shaw Killer Cruise $5.99 Teen
Jeff Shelby Killer Swell $6.99 P.I.
Jeff Shelby Wicked Break $6.99 Surfing/P.I.
Charlie Sheldon Fat Chance. $14.95 Humor
Beth Sherman Death at High Tide $6.50 Cozy
Sharon Short Death in the Cards $6.99 Cozy
Sharon Short Murder Unfolds $6.99 Laundry/Humor
Seymour Shubin Witness to Myself $6.99 Noir
Malcolm Shuman AssassinŐs Blood $5.99 Archeology
Malcolm Shuman Past Dying $5.99 Archeology
Malcolm Shuman The Meriweather Murder $5.99 Archeology
Celestine Sibley A Plague of Kinfolks $4.99 Cozy
Steven Sidor Bone Factory $6.99 Police
Leslie Silbert The Intelligencer $14.00 Historical
Jenny Siler Easy Money $6.99 Suspense
Jenny Siler Flashback $6.99 Suspense
Jenny Siler Iced $6.99 Suspense
Jenny Siler Shot $6.99 Suspense
Alain Silverer and James Ursini Film Noir Reader 2 $20.00 Reference/Film
Alain Silverer, Robert Porfirio and James Ursini Film Noir Reader 3 $22.50 Reference/Film
Georges Simeon A ManŐs Head $12.00 Classic
Georges Simeon Dirty Snow $14.00 Classic
Georges Simeon Lock 14 $12.00 Classic
Georges Simeon Maigret and the Madwoman $5.95 Classic
Georges Simeon Maigret Sets a Trap $5.95 Classic
Georges Simeon The Bar on the Seine $12.00 Classic
Georges Simeon The Hotel Majestic $12.00 Classic
Georges Simeon The Yellow Dog $12.00 Classic
Dan Simmons Hard as Nails $6.99 P.I.
Elizabeth Sims Easy Street $13.95 Humor
Shelley Singer Interview with Mattie $4.99 Academic
Shelley Singer Picture of David $4.50 Academic