Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Douglas Sanderson Pure Sweet Hell/Catch a Fallen Starlet $19.95 Noir
Douglas Sanderson The Deadly Dames/A Dum-Dum for the President $19.95 Noir
C.J. Sansom Dark Fire $14.00 Historical
C.J. Sansom Dissolution $14.00 Historical
C.S. Sansom Madrid $15.00 Historical
Maureen Sarsfield Murder at Shots Hall $14.95 British
Mary Saums Might Old Bones $6.99 Cozy
Dorothy L. Sayers BusmanÕs Honeymoon $6.99 Classic
Dorothy L. Sayers Clouds of Witness $5.99 Classic
Dorothy L. Sayers The Five Red Herrings $5.99 Classic
Dorothy L. Sayers Gaudy Night $6.50 Classic
Dorothy L. Sayers In the Teeth of the Evidence $4.99 Classic
Dorothy L. Sayers Lord Peter $16.00 Classic
Dorothy L. Sayers Murder Must Advertise $6.99 Classic
Dorothy L. Sayers The Nine Tailors $12.00 Classic
Dorothy L. Sayers The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club $6.99 Classic
Dorothy L. Sayers Unnatural Causes $8.00 Classic
Dorothy L. Sayers Whose Body? $6.99 Classic
Dorothy L. Sayers and Jill Paton Walsh A Presumption of Death $6.99 Classic
Dorothy L. Sayers and Jill Paton Walsh Thrones, Dominations $6.99 Classic
Dorothy L. Sayers with Robert Eustace The Documents in the Case $6.99 Classic
Steven Saylor A Gladiator Dies Only Once $13.95 Historical
Steven Saylor A Mist of Prophecies $6.99 Historical
Steven Saylor A Murder on the Appian Way $6.99 Historical
Steven Saylor A Twist at the End $7.50 Historical
Steven Saylor Arms of Nemesis $6.50 Historical
Steven Saylor CatalinaÕs Riddle $6.50 Historical
Steven Saylor Last Seen in Massilia $6.99 Historical
Steven Saylor Roman Blood $6.99 Historical
Steven Saylor The House of the Vestals $4.99 Historical
Steven Saylor The Judgment of Caesar $6.99 Historical
Steven Saylor The Venus Throw $6.99 Historical
Barry Scheck, Peter Neufeld and Jim Dwyer Actual Innocence $6.99 True Crime
Henry Schuster and Charles Stone Hunting Eric Rudolph $7.99 True Crime
Sandra Scoppettone A Creative Kind of Killer $4.50 Suspense
Sandra Scoppettone Everything You Have is Mine $4.99 Gay/Lesbian
Sandra Scoppettone Gonna Take a Homicidal Journey $5.99 Gay/Lesbian
Sandra Scoppettone IÕll Be Leaving You Always $4.99 Gay/Lesbian
Sandra Scoppettone LetÕs Face the Music and Die $5.99 Gay/Lesbian
Sandra Scoppettone Razzamatazz $5.95 Suspense
Sandra Scoppettone Some Unknown Person $5.95 Suspense
Sandra Scoppettone This Dame for Hire $6.99 Historical
Sandra Scoppettone Too Darn Hot $7.99 Historical
Michele Scott Corked by Cabernet $7.99 Wine
Michele Scott Death Reins In $6.99 Horses
Michelle Scott Murder by the Glass $6.99 Wine
Michele Scott Murder Uncorked $6.99 Cozy
Michele Scott Saddled with Trouble $6.99 Horses
Michelle Scott Silenced by Syrah $6.99 Wine
Michele Scott Tacked to Death $6.99 Horses