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Peter Robinson Past Reason Hated $7.50 British/Police
Peter Robinson Piece of My Heart $7.99 British/Police
Peter Robinson Playing with Fire $7.50 British/Police
Peter Robinson Strange Affair $7.99 British/Police
Peter Robinson WednesdayÕs Child $7.50 British/Police
Eddie Robson Film Noir $24.95 Reference/Film
Sax Rohmer Dope $17.50 Classic
Sax Rohmer The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu $5.95 Classic
Kermit Roosevelt In the Shadow of Law $14.00 Legal
Fred Rosen Body Dump $6.50 True Crime
Fred Rosen The Evil Mother $6.99 True Crime
Fred Rosen There But for the Grace of God $7.99 True Crime
Nancy Taylor Rosenberg SullivanÕs Evidence $6.99 Legal
Robert Rosenberg House of Guilt $14.95 Police/Israel
Linda Rosencrance An Act of Murder $6.99 True Crime
David Rosenfelt Dead Center $6.99 Legal
Sara Rosett Getting Away is Deadly $6.99 Cozy
Kate Ross A Broken Vessel $6.99 Historical
Laura Joh Rowland The AssassinÕs Touch $6.99 Historical/Japan
Laura Joh Rowland Black Lotus $6.99 Historical/Japan
Laura Joh Rowland Bundori $7.99 Historical/Japan
Laura Joh Rowland The ConcubineÕs Tattoo $6.99 Historical/Japan
Laura Joh Rowland The Dragon KingÕs Palace $6.99 Historical/Japan
Laura Joh Rowland The Perfumed Sleeve $6.99 Historical/Japan
Laura Joh Rowland The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria $6.99 Historical/Japan
Laura Joh Rowland The SamuraiÕs Wife $6.99 Historical/Japan
Laura Joh Rowland Shinju $6.99 Historical/Japan
Laura Joh Rowland The Snow Empress $6.99 Historical
S.J. Rozan A Bitter Feast $6.99 P.I.
S.J. Rozan China Trade $6.99 P.I.
S.J. Rozan Concourse $6.99 P.I.
S.J. Rozan Mandarin Plaid $6.99 P.I.
S.J. Rozan No Colder Place $6.99 P.I.
S.J. Rozan Reflecting the Sky $6.99 P.I.
S.J. Rozan Stone Quarry $6.50 P.I.
Jed Rubenfeld The Intrepretation of Murder $14.00 Historical
Greg Rucka A Fistful of Rain $6.99 Suspense
Greg Rucka Shooting at Midnight $5.99 Suspense
Greg Rucka Smoker $5.99 Suspense
Sheldon Rusch The Boy with Perfect Hands $7.99 Thriller
Sheldon Rusch For Edgar $7.99 Thriller
Sheldon Rusch Seperated at Death $7.99 Thriller
P.B. Ryan A Bucket of Ashes $7.99 Historical
P.B. Ryan Murder in the North End $7.99 Historical
James Sallis Black Hornet $8.95 Noir
James Sallis Bluebottle $8.95 Noir
James Sallis Cripple Creek $23.00 Police
James Sallis Drive $13.00 Noir
James Sallis Moth $8.95 Noir
James Sallis The Long Legged Fly $8.95 Noir