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Elizabeth Peters The Curse of the Pharaohs $7.50 Historical
Elizabeth Peters The Deeds of the Disturber $7.50 Historical
Elizabeth Peters The Falcon at the Portal $7.50 Historical
Elizabeth Peters The Golden One $7.50 Historical
Elizabeth Peters The Hippopotamus Pool $7.50 Historical
Elizabeth Peters The Last Camel Died at Noon $7.50 Historical
Elizabeth Peters The Mummy Case $7.50 Historical
Elizabeth Peters The Murders of Richard III. $6.99 Suspense
Elizabeth Peters The Serpent on the Crown $9.99 Historical
Elizabeth Peters The Seventh Sinner $6.99 Suspense
Elizabeth Peters The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog $7.50 Historical
Elizabeth Peters Tomb of the Golden Bird $9.99 Historical
Elizabeth Peters Trojan Gold $6.99 Suspense
Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels Greygallows $7.50 Suspense
Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels Other Worlds $6.99 Suspense
Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels Search the Shadows $6.99 Suspense
Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels Stitches in Time $6.99 Suspense
Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels The Dancing Floor $6.99 Suspense
Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels Vanish with the Rose $7.50 Suspense
Ellis Peters A Morbid Taste for Bones $6.99 Historical
Ellis Peters An Excellent Mystery $5.99 Historical
Ellis Peters Dead ManÕs Ransom $5.99 Historical
Ellis Peters MonkÕs Hood $6.99 Historical
Ellis Peters One Corpse Too Many $6.99 Historical
Ellis Peters St. PeterÕs Fair $6.99 Historical
Ellis Peters The DevilÕs Notice $5.99 Historical
Ellis Peters The HereticÕs Apprentice $6.99 Historical
Ellis Peters The Holy Thief $6.99 Historical
Ellis Peters The Leper of St. Giles $6.99 Historical
Ellis Peters The Pilgrim of Hate $5.99 Historical
Ellis Peters The PotterÕs Field $6.99 Historical
Ellis Peters The Raven in the Foregate $5.99 Historical
Ellis Peters The Rose Rent $5.99 Historical
Ellis Peters The Virgin in the Ice $5.99 Historical
M. William Phelps Lethal Guardian $6.50 True Crime
M. William Phelps Murder in the Heartland $6.99 True Crime
M. William Phelps Perfect Poison $6.50 True Crime
Scott Philips The Ice Harvest $12.95 Suspense
Scott Philips The Walkway $13.95 Suspense
Tom Piccirilli The Coldest Mile $6.99 Thriller
Nancy Pickard But I WouldnÕt Want to Die There $5.50 Cozy
Nancy Pickard Confession $5.99 Cozy
Nancy Pickard Dead Crazy $6.50 Cozy
Nancy Pickard I.O.U.. $4.99 Cozy
Nancy Pickard Marriage is Murder $4.99 Cozy
Nancy Pickard No Body $4.99 Cozy
Nancy Pickard Ring of Truth $6.99 Suspense
Nancy Pickard Say No to Murder $5.50 Cozy
Nancy Pickard The Secret Ingredient Murders $5.99 Cooking
Nancy Pickard The Truth Hurts $6.99 Suspense