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Stuart Pawson Over the Edge $9.95 British/Police
Stuart Pawson Some by Fire $9.95 British/Police
Stuart Pawson The Judas Sheep $9.95 British/Police
Stuart Pawson The Mushroom Man $9.95 British/Police
Stuart Pawson The Picasso Scam $9.95 British/Police
Barbara Payton I Am Not Ashamed $7.99 True Crime
Daniel Peace Nineteen Seventy Four $13.95 Contemporary Noir
Cynthia Peale The White Crow $6.50 Historical
Iain Pears The Bernini Bust $13.00 Art
Iain Pears The Portrait $13.00 Art
Iain Pears The Raphael Affair $6.50 Art
George Pelacanos The Big Blowdown $14.95 Noir
George Pelacanos Down by the River Where the Dead Men Go $13.00 Noir
George Pelacanos Drama City $6.99 Noir
George Pelacanos Hard Revolution $6.99 Noir
George Pelacanos Hell to Pay $6.99 Noir
George Pelacanos King Suckerman $7.50 Noir
George Pelacanos The Night Gardener $7.50 Police
George Pelacanos NickÕs Trip $13.00 Noir
George Pelacanos Right as Rain $6.99 Noir
George Pelacanos Shame the Devil $7.50 Noir
George Pelacanos Shoedog $6.99 Noir
George Pelacanos Soul Circus $6.50 Noir
Irene Pence Buried Memories $6.50 True Crime
Irene Pence No Daddy DonÕt $6.50 True Crime
Joanne Pence Bell, Book and Candle $6.99 Cooking
Joanne Pence A Cook in Time $6.99 Cooking
Joanne Pence CookÕs Night Out $6.99 Cooking
Joanne Pence Cooking Most Deadly $5.99 Cooking
Joanne Pence Cooks Overboard $5.99 Cooking
Joanne Pence Courting Disaster $6.99 Cooking
Joanne Pence The DaVinci Cook $6.99 Cooking
Joanne Pence Red Hot Murder $5.99 Cooking
Joanne Pence SomethingÕs Cooking $6.99 Cooking
Joanne Pence Too Many Cooks $6.99 Cooking
Arturo Perez-Reverte Captain Alatriste $14.00 Historical
Arturo Perez-Reverte The Club Dumas $14.00 Bibliomystery
Arturo Perez-Reverte The Fencing Master $13.00 Historical
Arturo Perez-Reverte The Flanders Panel $14.00 Art
Arturo Perez-Reverte The Queen of the South $14.00 Suspense
Arturo Perez-Reverte The Seville Comunion $14.00 Clerical
Anne Perry Ashworth Hall $7.50 Historical
Anne Perry Belgrave Square $6.99 Historical
Anne Perry Bluegate Fields $6.99 Historical
Anne Perry A Breach of Promise $6.99 Historical
Anne Perry Brunswick Gardens $6.99 Historical
Anne Perry Buckingham Palace Gardens $7.99 Historical
Anne Perry Cain His Brother $6.99 Historical
Anne Perry Callander Square $6.99 Historical
Anne Perry Cardington Crescent $7.50 Historical