Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Kirk Mitchell Dance of the Thunder Dogs $7.99 Native American
Kirk Mitchell Sky Woman Falling $6.99 Native American
Kirk Mitchell Spirit Sickness $6.99 Native American
Miyuki Miyabe All She Was Worth $13.95 Japan
Robert Mladinich From the Mouth of the Monster $5.99 True Crime
Miriam Grace Monfredo Blackwater Spirits $5.99 Historical
Miriam Grace Monfredo Must the Maiden Die $6.99 Historical
Miriam Grace Monfredo North Star Conspiracy $6.50 Historical
Miriam Grace Monfredo Through a Gold Eagle $6.50 Historical
Theresa Monsour Cold Blood $7.99 Police
Theresa Monsour Dark House $7.99 Police
Manuel Vasquez Montalban The Buenos Aires Quintet $16.00 Noir/Argentina
Charles A. Moose and Charles Fleming Three Weeks in October $7.99 True Crime
Kaye Morgan Death by Sudoku $6.99 Cozy
Kaye Morgan Murder by Numbers $6.99 Sudoku
Bob Morris Bahamarama $6.99 Humor
Bob Morris Jamaica Me Dead $6.99 Humor
Helen Morrison and Harold Goldberg My Life Among the Serial Killers $7.99 True Crime
John Mortimer The First Rumpole Omnibus $20.00 Legal
John Mortimer Quite Honestly $14.00 British
John Mortimer Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders $14.00 Legal
John Mortimer Rumpole and the Primrose Path $14.00 Legal
John Mortimer The Second Rumpole Omninus $18.00 Legal
John Mortimer The Third Rumpole Omnibus $18.00 Legal
Margaret Moseley A Little Traveling Music, Please $6.50 Humor
Margaret Moseley Bonita Faye $5.99 Humor
Margaret Moseley Grinning in his Mashed Potatoes $6.50 Humor
Margaret Moseley The Fourth Steven $5.99 Humor
Walter Mosley Blonde Faith $25.99 P.I.
Walter Mosley Cinnamon Kiss $7.50 P.I.
Walter Mosley Diablerie $23.95 Psychological Thriller
Walter Mosely Fear Itself $7.50 African American
Walter Mosely Gone FishinŐ $6.50 African American
Walter Mosely Little Scarlet $7.50 African American
Walter Mosley The Long Fall $25.95 P.I.
Walter Mosely A Red Death $5.99 African American
Walter Mosely RLŐs Dream $14.00 African American
Walter Mosely White Butterfly $6.50 African American
Fiona Mountain Bloodline $6.99 Cozy
Fiona Mountain Pale as the Dead $6.99 Cozy
Patricia Moyes Black Girl, White Girl $5.99 British/Police
Patricia Moyes Black Widower $5.99 British/Police
Patricia Moyes Death on the Agenda $5.99 British/Police
Patricia Moyes Johnny Under Ground $5.99 British/Police
Patricia Moyes Many Deadly Returns $5.99 British/Police
Patricia Moyes The Coconut Killings $5.99 British/Police
Patricia Moyes Who is Simon Warwick? $5.99 British/Police
Michael Moynihan and Didrik Soderling Lords of Chaos $16.95 True Crime
The Mulgray Twins Under Suspicion $11.95 Cats
Eddie Muller The Distance $14.95 Historical