Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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G.A. McKevett Corpse Suzette $6.99 Cozy
G.A. McKevett Death by Chocolate $6.50 P.I.
G.A. McKevett Fat Free and Fatal $6.99 Cozy
G.A. McKevett Killer Calories $5.99 P.I.
G.A. McKevett Murder a la Mode $6.99 Cozy
G.A. McKevett Poisoned Tarts $6.99 Cozy
G.A. McKevett Sour Grapes $6.50 P.I.
G.A. McKevett Sugar and Spite $5.99 P.I.
Adrian McKinty Hidden River $7.99 Suspense
Ann McMillan Dead March $5.99 Historical/Civil War
Alice McQuillan They Call them Grifters $6.99 True Crime
Karin McQuillan ElephantÕs Graveyard $4.99 Nature
Mark McShane Seance on a Wet Afternoon $3.95 Suspense
Mardi Oakley Medawar Murder on the Red Cliff Rez $5.99 Native American
Kathryn Medico and Mollye Barrows A Perversion of Justice $7.50 True Crime
Leslie Meier Bake Sale Murder $6.99 Cozy
Leslie Meier Birthday Party Murder $6.50 Cozy
Leslie Meier FatherÕs Day Murder $6.50 Cozy
Leslie Meier New YearÕs Eve Murder $6.99 Cozy
Leslie Meier St. PatrickÕs Day Murder $6.99 Cozy
Leslie Meier Star Spangled Murder $6.50 Cozy
Leslie Meier Tippy Toe Murder $5.99 Cozy
Leslie Meier Valentine Murder $4.99 Cozy
Leslie Meier Wedding Day Murder $6.50 Cozy
Philip Melanson Who Killed Robert Kennedy? $5.00 True Crime
Bonar Menninger Mortal Errors $5.99 True Crime
Carolyn Mercado A Voice from the Grave $4.99 True Crime
D.R. Meredith Murder Past Due $5.99 Bibliomystery
D.R. Meredith Tome of Death $5.99 Bibliomystery
Max Mermelstein, Robin Moore and Richard Smitten Inside the Cocaine Cartel $5.99 True Crime
Deon Meyer Dead Before Dying $7.99 Africa
Stephen G. Michaud Beyond Cruel $6.99 True Crime
Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth If you Love Me You Will Do My Will $5.50 True Crime
Margaret Miles A Mischief on the Snow $5.99 Historical
Margaret Miles A Wicked Way to Burn $5.50 Historical
Margaret Miles No Rest for the Dove $5.99 Historical
Margaret Miles Too Soon for Flowers $5.99 Historical
Linda Milino and Reg Potterson Mafia Wife $7.99 Mafia
Margaret Millar How Like an Angel. $5.95 Noir
Margaret Millar The Air that Kills/Do Evil in Return $19.95 Noir
Margaret Millar The Listening Walls $5.95 Noir
Susan Cummins Miller Quarry $7.99 Geology
Wade Miller Branded Woman $6.99 Noir
Denise Mina Deception $13.95 Psychological
Denise Mina Resolution $14.00 Psychological
Lisa Miscione Angel Fire $6.50 Suspense
Lisa Miscione Smoke $6.99 Thriller
Corey Mitchell Strangler $6.99 True Crime
Kirk Mitchell Ancient Ones $6.99 Native American
Kirk Mitchell Cry Dance $6.99 Native American