Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Sharyn McCrumb Missing Susan $6.99 Cozy
Sharyn McCrumb Paying the Piper $6.99 Cozy
Sharyn McCrumb The PMS Outlaws $6.99 Cozy
Sharyn McCrumb The Rosewood Casket $6.99 Appalachian
Sharyn McCrumb She Walks these Hills $7.99 Appalachian
Sharyn McCrumb Sick of Shadows $6.99 Cozy
Sharyn McCrumb The Songcatcher $7.99 Appalachian
Sharyn McCrumb The Windsor Knot $5.99 Cozy
Sharyn McCrumb Zombies of the Gene Pool $6.99 Humor
David Willis McCullough Point No-Point $5.99 Clerical
David Willis McCullough Think on Death $5.99 Clerical
Val McDermid A Place of Execution $6.99 Psychological
Val McDermid Common Murder $10.95 Gay/Lesbian
Val McDermid Deadline for Murder $10.95 Gay/Lesbian
Val McDermid The Grave Tattoo $7.99 Scotland
Val McDermid Killing the Shadows $6.99 Suspense
Val McDermid The Distant Echo $6.99 Psychological
Val McDermid The MermaidŐs Singing $6.99 Police
Val McDermid The Torment of Others $6.99 British/Police
Val McDermid The Wire in the Blood $6.99 Police
Val McDermid. The MermaidŐs Singing $6.99 Police
Cherokee Paul McDonald and Allen E. Smith Under Contract $4.50 True Crime
Dennis McDougal and Mary Murphy Blood Cold $6.99 True Crime
Dennis McDougal and Mary Murphy In the Best of Families $6.50 True Crime
Dennis McDougal MotherŐs Day $5.99 True Crime
Michael McGarrity The Big Gamble $6.99 Police
Michael McGarrity Death Song $7.99 Plice
Michael McGarrity HermitŐs Peak $7.99 Police
Michael McGarrity The Judas Judge $6.99 Police
Michael McGarrity Nothing But Trouble $7.99 Police
Michael McGarrity Tularosa $6.99 Police
Michael McGarrity Under the Color of Law $6.99 Police
Jill McGown A Perfect Match $6.50 British/Police
Jill McGown A Shred of Evidence $6.99 British/Police
Jill McGown Death in the Family $6.99 British/Police
Jill McGown Murder at the Old Vicarage $6.50 British/Police
Jill McGown Plots and Errors $6.99 British/Police
Jill McGown The Murders of Mrs. Austin and Mrs. Beale $6.50 British/Police
Jill McGown Unlucky for Some $6.99 British/Police
Christine McGuire Until Justice is Done $6.50 Legal
Christine McGuire Until Proven Guilty $6.50 Legal
Christine McGuire Until the Bough Breaks $6.50 Legal
Christine McGuire Until the Final Verdict $6.99 Legal
William McIlvanney Strange Loyalties $9.95 Noir
William McIlvanney The Papers of Tony Veitch $9.95 Noir
Ralph McInerney Lack of the Irish $5.99 Clerical
Ralph McInerney On this Rockne $5.99 Clerical
Hope McIntyre How to Marry a Ghost $7.50 Ghostwriting
G.A. McKevett Cereal Killer $6.50 Cozy
G.A. McKevett Cooked Goose $5.99 P.I.