Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Sujata Massey The SamuraiÕs Daughter $12.95 Japan
Sujata Massey The Typhoon Lover $13.95 Japan
Sujata Massey Zen Attitude $13.95 Japan
Sujata Massey Zen Attitude $13.95 Japan
Amanda Matesky Dial M for Murder $6.99 Journalism
Amanda Matesky How to Marry a Murderer $6.99 Cozy
Amanda Matesky Murder is a GirlÕs Best Friend $6.99 Journalism
Amanda Matesky Murder on a Hot Tin Roof $6.99 Cozy
Amanda Matesky Murderers Prefer Blondes $5.99 Journalism
Seicho Matsumoto Inspector Imanishi Investigates $13.00 Japan
Deon Meyer Dead at Daybreak $7.50 Africa
David W. Mauer The Big Con $12.95 True Crime
Peter May The Fourth Sacrifice $14.95 China
Archer Mayor Borderlines $6.99 Police
Archer Mayor The Catch $24.95 Police
Archer Mayor OccamÕs Razor $6.99 Police
Archer Mayor The Second Mouse $6.99 P.I.
Archer Mayor St. AlbanÕs Fire $6.99 Police
Archer Mayor Tucker Peak $6.99 Police
Mike McAlary Cop Shot $4.99 True Crime
Mike McAlary Good Cop, Bad Cop $6.50 True Crime
Ed McBain Fat OllieÕs Book $7.99 Police
Ed McBain Hark! $7.99 Police
Ed McBain Mischief $5.99 Police
Ed McBain The Big Bad City $6.99 Police
Ed McBain The Frumious Bandersnatch $7.99 Police
Ed McBain The Gutter and the Grave $6.99 Noir
Ed McBain The Last Best Hope $7.50 Police
Ed McBain The Last Dance $7.99 Police
Ed McBain Where ThereÕs Smoke $5.99 Police
Susan McBride Night of the Living Deb $6.99 Humor
Barbara Taylor McCafferty and Beverly Taylor Herald Double Cross $5.99 Cozy
Barbara Taylor McCafferty and Beverly Taylor Herald Double Dealer $5.99 Cozy
Barbara Taylor McCafferty and Beverly Taylor Herald Double Murder $5.50 Cozy
Taylor McCafferty Funny Money $6.99 P.I.
James McCahery What Evil Lurks $4.99 Cozy
Wendell McCall Concerto in Dead Flat $12.95 Music
Kevin McCarthy and Ed Gorman Invasion of the Body Snatchers: A Tribute $17.95 Reference/Film
Michael McCleland Oyster Blues $6.99 Humor
Bill McClellan Evidence of Murder $5.99 True Crime
Judy McCoy Hounding the Pavement $6.99 Dogs
Sharyn McCrumb Bimbos of the Death Sun $5.99 Humor
Sharyn McCrumb Foggy Moutain Breakdown $6.99 Stories
Sharyn McCrumb Ghost Riders $7.99 Appalachian
Sharyn McCrumb The HangmanÕs Beautiful Daughter $7.99 Appalachian
Sharyn McCrumb Highland Laddie Gone $6.99 Cozy
Sharyn McCrumb If Ever I Return, Pretty Peggy-O $6.99 Appalachian
Sharyn McCrumb If IÕd Killed Him When I Met Him $6.99 Cozy
Sharyn McCrumb Lovely in Her Bones $6.99 Cozy
Sharyn McCrumb MacPhearsonÕs Lament $6.99 Cozy