Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Peter Lovesey The Last Detective $13.00 British/Police
Peter Lovesey On the Edge $12.00 Historical
Peter Lovesey The Reaper $12.00 Clerical
Peter Lovesey The Secret Hangman $24.00 Police/British
Peter Lovesey The Summons $13.00 British/Police
Peter Lovesey The Vault $13.00 British/Police
Peter Lovesey The Vault $13.00 British/Police
Marie Belloc Lowndes From out of the Vasty Deep $15.95 Classic
Carlo Lucarelli Carte Blanche $14.95 Italy
Carlo Lucarelli The Damned Season $14.95 Italy
Carlo Lucarelli Via Delle Oche $14.95 Italy
John Lutz Fear in the Night $6.99 Thriller
John Lutz Kiss $4.95 P.I.
D.P. Lyle, M.D. Forensics and Fiction: Clever, Intriguing and Downright Odd Questions from Crime Writers $23.95 Reference
Arthur Lyons Death on the Cheap: The Lost B Movies of Film Noir! $17.50 Reference/Film
Peter Maas China White $5.99 Suspense
Peter Maas Killer Spy $6.50 True Crime
Peter Maas Underboss $7.99 True Crime
Stuart MacBride Cold Granite $6.99 Police/Scotland
Marianne MacDonald Ghost Walk $5.99 Bibliomystery
T.J. MacGregor Blackwater $6.99 Thriller
T.J. MacGregor Cold as Death $6.99 Thriller
T.J. MacGregor Out of Sight $6.99 Suspense
T.J. MacGregor Total Silence $6.99 Thriller
Charlotte MacLeod The Balloon Man $6.50 Cozy
Charlotte MacLeod The Corpse in Ozark’s Pond $5.99 Cozy
Charlotte MacLeod The Family Vault $6.99 Cozy
Charlotte MacLeod The Gladstone Bag $5.99 Cozy
Charlotte MacLeod The Odd Job $5.99 Cozy
Charlotte MacLeod The Palace Guard $3.99 Cozy
Charlotte MacLeod The Recycled Citizen $4.99 Cozy
Charlotte MacLeod The Resurrection Man $4.99 Cozy
Charlotte MacLeod The Silver Ghost $5.99 Cozy
Charlotte MacLeod Vane Pursuit $4.50 Cozy
Rett MacPherson A Comedy of Heirs $5.99 Cozy
Mary Jane Maffini the Cluttered Corpse $6.99 Cozy
Mary Jane Maffini Organize Your Corpses $6.99 Cozy
Anne McDonald Maier Mother Love, Deadly Love $4.99 True Crime
Barry Maitland No Trace $13.95 British/Police
Henning Mankell Before the Frost $13.00 Police/Sweden
Henning Mankell Chronicles of the Winds $13.95 Africa
Henning Mankell Depths $14.95 WWI
Henning Mankell The Dogs of Riga $13.00 Police/Sweden
Henning Mankell The Eye of the Leopard $26.95 Thriller
Henning Mankell Faceless Killers $13.00 Police/Sweden
Henning Mankell The Fifth Woman $13.00 Police/Sweden
Henning Mankell Firewall $13.00 Police/Sweden
Henning Mankell Kennedy’s Brain $26.95 Thriller/Sweden
Henning Mankell The Man Who Smiled $24.95 Police/Sweden
Henning Mankell One Step Behind $13.00 Police/Sweden