Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Carrie Bebris North by Northanger $6.99 Historical
Carrie Bebris Suspense and Sensibility $6.99 Jane Austen
Audrey Becker Dying Dreams $5.99 True Crime
Gail Bell The Poisoner $14.99 True Crime
David Benioff The 25th Hour $24.00 Noir
Carol Lea Benjamin Fall Guy $6.99 Cozy/dogs
Carol Lea Benjamin The Hard Way $6.99 P.I./Dogs
Carol Lea Benjamin Lady Vanishes $6.99 Cozy/dogs
Carol Lea Benjamin Without a Word $6.99 Cozy/dogs
Carol Lea Benjamin The Wrong Dog $6.99 Cozy/dogs
Michael Benson Betrayal in Blood $6.99 True Crime
Raymond Benson Dark Side of the Morgue $7.99 Music
Jennie Bentley Fatal Fixer-Upper $6.99 Cozy
John Berendt Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil $14.00 True Crime
Laurien Berenson A Pedigree to Die For $6.50 Cozy/dogs
Laurien Berenson Best in Show $6.50 Cozy/dogs
Laurien Berenson Hot Dog $6.50 Cozy/dogs
Laurien Berenson Hush Puppy $5.99 Cozy/dogs
Laurien Berenson Raining Cats and Dogs $6.99 Dogs
Laurien Berenson Underdog $6.50 Cozy/dogs
Laurien Berenson Unleashed $5.99 Cozy/dogs
Laurien Berenson Watchdog $5.99 Cozy/dogs
John Billheimer Drybone Hollow $5.99 Mining
Mark Billingham Lazy Bones $7.50 British
Mark Billingham Scardey Cat $7.50 British
Mark Billingham The Burning Girl $7.99 British
Matt Birkbeck A Deadly Secret: the Strange Disappearnce of Kathie Durst $6.99 True Crime
Claudia Bishop Buried by Breakfast $6.50 Cozy
Claudia Bishop The Case of the Roasted Onion $6.99 Horses
Claudia Bishop The Case of the Tough-Talking Turkey $6.99 Cozy/Animals
Claudia Bishop Death Dunes Out $5.99 Cozy
Claudia Bishop A Dinner to Die For $6.99 Cozy
Claudia Bishop Fried by Jury $5.99 Cozy
Claudia Bishop Just Desserts $5.99 Cozy
Claudia Bishop A Pinch of Poison $6.50 Cozy
Cara Black Murder in Clichy $12.00 P.I./France
Cara Black Murder in the Latin Quarter $24.00 France
Cara Black Murder in Montmarte $12.00 P.I./France
Cara Black Murder in the Bastille $13.00 P.I./France
Cara Black Murder in the Rue de Paradis $24.00 P.I./France
Cara Black Murder on the Ile de St. Louis $12.00 P.I./France
J. Carson Black Dark Side of the Moon $7.99 Police
Michael A. Black A Killing Frost $7.99 P.I.
Michelle Blake Earth has no Sorrow $6.99 Clerical
Michelle Blake The Book of Light $6.99 Clerical
Victoria Blake Cutting Blades $14.00 P.I./British
Nero Blanc Anatomy of a Crossword $6.99 Cozy/Crosswords
Nero Blanc Another Word for Murder $7.99 Cozy/Crosswords
Nero Blanc Death on the Diagonal $7.99 Crosswords
Annette Blair A Veiled Deception $6.99 Cozy