Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Margit Liesche Lipstick and Lies $24.95 Historical
Katheryn Lilley Dying to be Thin $6.99 Cozy
Kathryn Lilley A Killer Workout $6.99 Cozy
Martin Limon Buddha's Money $14.00 Korea
Martin Limon The Door to Bitterness $12.00 Korea
Martin Limon Jade Lady Burning $13.00 Historical
Hailey Lind Feint of Art $6.99 Art
Jeff Lindsey Darkly Dreaming Dexter $12.95 Police
Jeff Lindsey Dearly Devoted Dexter $12.95 Police
Clifford L. Linedecker Blood in the Sand $6.50 True Crime
Clifford L. Linedecker Blood Money $4.99 True Crime
Clifford L. Linedecker and Zach T. Martin Death Angel $6.50 True Crime
Clifford L. Linedecker Death of a Model $5.99 True Crime
Clifford L. Linedecker Gun for Hire: the Soldier of Fortune Killings $4.99 True Crime
Clyde Linsley Die Like a Hero $6.99 Historical
Clyde Linsley Saving Louisa $5.99 Historical
Laura Lippman Another Thing to Fall $24.95 Journalism
Laura Lippman Baltimore Blues $7.99 P.I.
Laura Lippman ButcherÕs Hill $6.99 P.I.
Laura Lippman By a SpiderÕs Thread $7.99 P.I.
Laura Lippman Charm City $6.99 P.I.
Laura Lippman Every Secret thing $7.99 Psychological
Laura Lippman In a Strange City $6.99 P.I.
Laura Lippman No Good Deeds $7.99 P.I.
Laura Lippman The Last Place $7.50 P.I.
Laura Lippman To the Power of Three $7.99 Psychological
David Liss A Conspiracy of Paper $14.95 Historical
David Liss A Spectacle of Corruption $14.95 Historical
David Liss The Coffee Trader $14.95 Historical
Eddie Little Another Day in Paradise $12.95 Noir
Jonathan Littman The Fugitive Game $13.95 True Crime
Margot Livesey Criminals $11.95 Suspense
Sam Llewellyn Deadeye $4.99 Boating
Dick Lochte Blue Bayou $4.99 P.I.
Mary Logue Bone Harvest $6.99 Police
Steven Long Out of Control $6.99 True Crime
Henry Paul Lonsdale Smoking out a Killer $5.99 Cozy
Chris Loos and Rick Castberg Murder in Paradise $7.50 True Crime
Randye Lordon Mother May I $5.99 Gay/Lesbian
Randye Lordon Say Uncle $5.99 Gay/Lesbian
M.K. Lorens Dreamland $4.99 Cozy
M.K. Lorens Sorrowheart $4.99 Cozy
William F. Love The Chartreuse Clue $5.50 P.I.
Glenville Lovell Love and Death in Brooklyn $7.99 P.I.
Peter Lovesey Bloodhounds $13.00 British/Police
Peter Lovesey Diamond Dust $13.00 British/Police
Peter Lovesey Diamond Solitaire $13.00 British/Police
Peter Lovesey Do Not Exceed the Stated Dose $16.00 Stories
Peter Lovesey The Headhunters $24.00 British/Police
Peter Lovesey The House Sitter $13.00 British/Police