Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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John LeCarre The Constant Gardner $7.99 Espionage
Suzann Ledbetter A Lady Never Trifles with Thieves $5.99 Police
J.S. LeFanu Uncle Silas $10.95 Classic
Dennis Lehane A Drink Before the War $7.99 P.I.
Dennis Lehane Darkness, Take my Hand $7.99 P.I.
Dennis Lehane Gone, Baby, Gone $7.99 P.I.
Dennis Lehane Mystic River $7.99 Psychological
Dennis Lehane Prayers for Rain $7.99 P.I.
Dennis Lehane Sacred $7.99 P.I.
Dennis Lehane Shutter Island $7.99 P.I.
Peter Lengyel Cobblestone $14.95 Police
Donna Leon About Face $24.00 Italy/Police
Donna Leon The Girl of His Dreams $14.00 Italy/Police
Donna Leon Acqua Alta $7.99 Police/Italy
Donna Leon Blood from a Stone $7.99 Police/Italy
Donna Leon Death and Judgement $7.99 Police/Italy
Donna Leon Death at La Fenice $7.99 Police/Italy
Donna Leon Death in a Strange Country $7.99 Police/Italy
Donna Leon Doctored Evidence $7.99 Police/Italy
Donna Leon Dressed for Death $7.99 Police/Italy
Donna Leon The Girl of His Dreams $24.00 Police/Italy
Donna Leon Suffer the Little Children $24.00 Police/Italy
Donna Leon Suffer the Little Children $7.99 Police/Italy
Donna Leon Through a Glass, Darkly $7.99 Police/Italy
Donna Leon Uniform Justice $7.99 Police/Italy
Elmore Leonard The Hot Kid $9.99 Historical
Elmore Leonard When the Women Come Out to Dance $13.95 Noir
Peter Leonard Quiver $6.99 Thriller
Peter Leonard Trust Me $24.95 Thriller
Gaston Leroux Gaston Leroux’s Phantom Stories $14.95 Classic
Gaston Leroux The Phantom of the Opera $4.99 Classic
Jonathan Letham Gun, with Occasional Music $12.95 Humor
Harlan Levey And the Blood Cried Out $5.99 True Crime
David Levien City of the Sun $7.99 P.I.
Kathryn Lilley A Killer Workout $6.99 Cozy
Laura Levine Death by Pantyhose $6.99 Cozy
Laura Levine Killing Bridezilla $6.99 Humor
Laura Levine This Pen for Hire $5.99 Cozy
Laura Levine The PMS Murder $6.99 Cozy
Laura Levine Shoes to Die For $6.99 Cozy
Paul Levine The Deep Blue Alibi $6.99 Legal
Paul Levine Kill all the Lawyers $6.99 Legal
Paul Levine Solomon vs. Lord $5.99 Legal
Paul Levine Trail and Error $6.99 Legal/Humor
Michael Z. Lewin Called by a Partner $5.95 P.I.
Michael Z. Lewin Hard Line $10.00 Police
Michael Z. Lewin Late Payments $10.00 Police
Michael Z. Lewin Night Cover $10.00 Police
Sherry Lewis No Place for Tears $5.99 Cozy
Stephen Lewis The Sea Hath Spoken $5.99 Historical