Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Brian Lane Chronicle of 20th Century Murder $5.99 True Crime
Brian Lane and Wilfrid Gregg The Encyclopedia of Mass Murder $14.00 True Crime
Vicki Lane Signs in the Blood $6.99 Appalachia
Ernest Langford The Apple Eaters $12.95 P.I.
Jane Langton The Dante Game $5.95 Academic
Jane Langton Dark Nantucket Moon $5.99 Academic
Jane Langton The Escher Twist $6.99 Academic
Jane Langton The Face on the Wall $5.99 Academic
Jane Langton God in Concord $5.99 Academic
Jane Langton Murder at Monticello $5.99 Academic
Jane Langton Murder at the Gardner $6.99 Academic
Jane Langton Steeplechase $24.95 Academic
Virginia Lanier A Brace of Bloodhounds $6.50 Dogs
Virginia Lanier Ten Little Bloodhounds $6.50 Dogs
Virginia Lanier The House on Bloodhound Lane $5.99 Dogs
Joe R. Lansdale Bad Chili $6.99 Noir
Joe R. Lansdale Mucho Mojo $5.99 Noir
Joe R. Lansdale The Bottoms $13.95 Psychological
Janet LaPierre Baby Mine $12.95 Police
Lynda LaPlante Cold Shoulder $6.99 Police
Paul LaRosa Nightmare in Napa $7.99 True Crime
Asa Larsson The Black Path $12.00 Sweden
Asa Larsson The Blood Split $12.00 Sweden
Asa Larsson Sun Storm $12.00 Psychological/Sweden
Don Lasseter Body Double $6.50 True Crime
Don Lasseter Dead of Night $5.99 True Crime
Don Lasseter Die for Me $6.50 True Crime
Don Lasseter and Dana Hollidat Zodiac of Death $6.99 True Crime
Victoria Laurie Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye $6.99 Psychic
Victoria Laurie Better Read than Dead $6.99 Psychic
Victoria Laurie Crime Seen $6.99 Psychic
Victoria Laurie Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun $6.99 Paranormal
Victoria Laurie Killer Insight $6.99 Psychic
Victoria Laurie A Vision of Murder $6.99 Psychic
Joyce and Jim Lavene Fruit of the Poisoned Tree $6.99 Gardening
Joyce and Jim Lavene Perfect Poison $7.99 Gardening
Joyce and Jim Lavene Poisoned Petals $6.99 Gardening
David Lawrence Circle of the Dead $6.99 British/Police
David Lawrence Nothing Like the Night $6.99 British/Police
Martha C. Lawrence Aquarius Descending $5.99 Psychic
Martha C. Lawrence Ashes of Aries $6.99 Psychic
Martha C. Lawrence Pisces Rising $6.50 Psychic
John Lawton Old Flames $24.00 Historical
Maurice LeBlanc Arsene Lupin in the Crystal Stopper $16.95 Classic
Maurice LeBlanc Arsene Lupin versus Holmlock Shears $16.95 Classic
Maurice LeBlanc Arsene Lupin versus Sherlock Holmes the Blonde Phantom $20.95 Classic
Maurice LeBlanc The Hollow Needle: the Further Exploits of Arsene Lupin $15.95 Classic
Maurice LeBlanc and Edgar Jepson Arsene Lupin $17.50 Classic
Marc Lecard Vinnie’s Head $13.95 Humor
John LeCarre Absolute Friends $13.95 Espionage