Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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S.W. Hubbard Take the Bait $6.50 Police
Dale Hudson Dance of Death $6.99 True Crime
Dale Hudson All I Want to do is Kill $6.99 True Crime
Dale Hudson and Billy Hills An Hour to Kill $6.50 True Crime
Barry Hughart Bridge of Sighs $7.50 Fantasy/Historical
Charlotte Hughes Nutcase $7.99 Humor
D.T. Hughes Lullaby and Goodnight $4.99 True Crime
Declan Hughes The Color of Blood $7.99 P.I.
Declan Hughes The Wrong Kind of Blood $7.99 Police/Ireland
Howard Hughes Crime Wave: the Filmgoers Guide to the Great Crime Movies $22.50 Reference/Film
Mary Ellen Hughes Wreath of Deception $6.99 Cozy
Edward Humes Mean Justice $7.99 True Crime
Edward Humes Mississippi Mud $5.99 True Crime
Edward Humes Murderer with a Badge $5.99 True Crime
Maddy Hunter Hula Done It? $6.99 Cozy
Stephen Hunter Black Light $7.50 Suspense
Stephen Hunter Havana $7.99 Historical
Stephen Hunter Hot Springs $7.99 Suspense
Stephen Hunter Pale Horse Coming $7.99 Suspense
Stephen Hunter Tapestry of Spies. $7.99 Espionage
Stephen Hunter The Second Saladin $7.99 Suspense
Chuck Hustmyre Killer with a Badge $6.99 True Crime
Joseph ‘Joe Dogs’ Iannuzzi The Life and Crimes of a Mobster $6.50 Mafia
Arnaldur Indridson Jar City $14.00 Noir
Arnaldur Indridason Silence of the Grave $14.00 Iceland
Arnaldur Indridason Voices $14.00 Iceland
India Ink A Blush with Death $6.99 Cozy
India Ink Glossed and Found $6.99 Cozy
Jane Isenberg Hot on the Trail $6.99 Humor
Jane Isenberg Hot Wired $6.99 Academic
Jane Isenberg Out of Hormone’s Way $6.50 Humor
Roberta Isleib Asking for Murder $6.99 Cozy
Roberta Isleib Deadly Advice $6.99 Cozy
Roberta Isleib Final Fore $6.99 Golf
Roberta Isleib Preaching to the Corpse $6.99 Cozy
Jean-Claude Izzo Chourno $14.95 France
Jean-Claude Izzo Solea $14.95 France
Jean-Claude Izzo Total Chaos $14.95 France
Jon A. Jackson Badger Games $12.00 Michigan
Jon A. Jackson Dead Folks $12.00 Michigan
Jon A. Jackson Deadman $11.00 Michigan
Jon A. Jackson Hit on the House $11.00 Michigan
Jon A. Jackson La Donna Detroit $11.00 Michigan
Jon A. Jackson Man with an Axe $12.00 Michigan
Jon A. Jackson The Blind Pig $11.00 Michigan
Jon A. Jackson The Diehard $11.00 Michigan
Steve Jackson Love Me to Death $6.50 True Crime
Steve Jackson Monster $6.50 True Crime
Steve Jackson No Stone Unturned $6.99 True Crime
Steve Jackson Rough Trade $6.50 True Crime