Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Sarah Atwell Pane of Death $6.99 Glassblowing
Sarah Atwell Through a Glass, Deadly $6.99 Glassblowing
Sandi Ault Wild Inferno $7.99 Native American
Sandi Ault Wild Indigo $6.99 Native American
Lori Avocato Dead on Arrival $6.99 P.I./Humor
Lori Avacato One Dead Under the CuckooÕs Nest $6.99 P.I./Humor
Marian Babson A Fool for Murder $4.50 Cozy
Marian Babson Canapes for the Kitties $5.99 Cozy/cats
Marian Babson The Cat Next Door $5.99 Cozy/cats
Marian Babson The Cat Who WasnÕt a Dog $6.50 Cozy/cats
Marian Babson The Company of Cats $5.99 Cozy/cats
Marian Babson The Cruise of a Deathtime $4.50 Cozy
Marian Babson The Diamond Cat $5.99 Cozy/cats
Marian Babson In the Teeth of Adversity $6.50 Cozy
Marian Babson Murder at the Cat Show $5.99 Cozy/cats
Marian Babson Only the Cat Knows $6.99 Cats
Marian Babson Paws for Alarm $6.50 Cozy/cats
Marian Babson Please Do Feed the Cat $6.50 Cats
Marian Babson Please do Not Feed the Cat $6.50 Cats
Marian Babson Whiskers and Smoke $5.99 Cozy/cats
Kathleen Bacus Anchors Aweigh $6.99 Cozy
Kathleen Bacus Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun $6.99 Journalism
James Jessen Badal In the Wake of the Butcher $8.00 True Crime
Burl Baer Broken Doll $6.50 True Crime
Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain Murder She Wrote: Coffee, Tea or Murder? $6.99 Cozy
Deb Baker Ding Dong Dead $6.99 Cozy
Deb Baker Dolly Departed $6.99 Cozy
Deb Baker Goodbye, Dolly $6.99 Cozy
Rodney Baker Dancing with the Devil $5.99 True Crime
Virginia Baker Jack Knife $7.99 Jack the Ripper
Donna Ball Gun Shy $6.99 Dogs
Donna Ball Rapid Fire $6.99 Dogs
Jo Bannister Closer Still $24.95 British/P.I.
Maggie Barbieri Extracurricular Activities $6.99 Academic
Linwood Barclay Stone Rain $6.99 Suspense
Robert Barnard Last Post $24.00 British
Nevada Barr Winter Study $24.95 Nature
Lorna Barrett Murder is Binding $6.99 Bibliomystery
Stephanie Barron Jane and the Ghosts of Nettly $6.99 Historical
Stephanie Barron Jane and the Man of the Cloth $6.99 Historical
Stephanie Barron Jane and the Stillroom Maid $6.99 Historical
Tom Basinski No Good Deed $7.99 True Crime
Jefferson Bass The DevilÕs Bones $7.99 Forensic
Cynthia Baxter Right from the Gecko $6.99 Cozy
Cynthia Baxter Too Rich and Too Dead $6.99 Cozy
Cynthia Baxter WhoÕs Kitten Who? $6.99 Cozy/Veternarian
M.C. Beaton Death of a Gentle Lady $6.99 British Village
M.C. Beaton Death of a Maid $6.99 British Village
Robert Beattie Nightmare in Wichita: the Hunt for the BTK Strangler $14.00 True Crime
Carrie Bebris The Matters at Mansfield $22.95 Jane Austen