Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Carl Hiassen Sick Puppy $7.99 Humor
Carl Hiassen Skinny Dip $7.99 Humor
Carl Hiassen Stormy Weather $7.99 Humor
Carl Hiassen Strip Tease $6.50 Humor
Carl Hiassen and Bill Montalbano A Death in China $12.00 Noir
Carl Hiassen and Bill Montalbano Powder Burn $12.95 Noir
Carl Hiassen and Bill Montalbano Trap Line $12.00 Noir
Patricia Highsmith A DogÕs Ransom $12.95 Noir
Patricia Highsmith A Game for the Living $12.00 Noir
Patricia Highsmith EdithÕs Diary $13.00 Noir
Patricia Highsmith Eleven $8.95 Noir
Patricia Highsmith Little Tales of Misogyny $11.00 Noir
Patricia Highsmith Nothing that Meets the Eye $15.95 Noir
Patricia Highsmith Ripley Underground $12.95 Noir
Patricia Highsmith Ripley Underwater $12.00 Noir
Patricia Highsmith RipleyÕs Game $12.95 Noir
Patricia Highsmith Tales of Natural and Unnatural Catastrophes $12.00 Noir
Patricia Highsmith The Boy Who Followed Ripley $12.95 Noir
Patricia Highsmith The Glass Cell $13.95 Noir
Patricia Highsmith The Two Faces of January $13.00 Noir
Patricia Highsmith This Sweet Sickness $13.95 Noir
Patricia Highsmith Those Who Walk Away $13.00 Noir
Lynn Hightower Fortunes of the Dead $7.50 P.I.
Lynn Hightower SatanÕs Lambs $14.95 P.I.
Bob Hill Double Jeopardy $5.99 True Crime
Reginald Hill A Pinch of Snuff $7.99 British/Police
Reginald Hill Arms and the Women $7.50 British/Police
Reginald Hill Bones and Silence $6.50 British/Police
Reginald Hill Death Comes for the Fat Man $7.99 British/PoliceÕ
Reginald Hill DeathÕs Jest Book $7.99 British/Police
Reginald Hill Dialogues of the Dead $7.50 British/Police
Reginald Hill Good Morning, Midnight $7.99 British/Police
Reginald Hill Pictures of Perfection $7.99 British/Police
Reginald Hill Recalled to Life $7.99 British/Police
Reginald Hill The SpyÕs Wife $14.95 Espionage
Reginald Hill The Wood Beyond $7.50 British/Police
Reginald Hill Who Guards the Prince $14.95 British
Russell Hill RobbieÕs Wife $6.99 Noir
Susan Hill The Risk of Darkness $24.95 Psychological Thriller
Susan Hill The Various Haunts of Men $13.95 British/Psychological
Tony Hillerman A Thief of Time $7.99 Native American
Tony Hillerman Coyote Waits $5.99 Native American
Tony Hillerman Finding Moon $7.99 Native American
Tony Hillerman Hunting Badger $7.50 Native American
Tony Hillerman People of Darkness $6.99 Native American
Tony Hillerman The Shape Shifter $9.99 Native American
Tony Hillerman Skeleton Man $7.99 Native American
Tony Hillerman Skinwalkers $6.99 Native American
Tony Hillerman Talking God $7.99 Native American
Tony Hillerman The Dark Wind $6.99 Native American