Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Daniel Hecht Land of Echoes $13.95 Native American
Betty Hechtman Hooked on Murder $6.99 Crochet
David Heilbriner Death Benefit $5.50 True Crime
Brian Helgeland and Curtis Hansen L.A. Confidential: the Screenplay $15.95 Film
Matthew Heller A Death in Santa Barbara $4.99 True Crime
Libby Fischer Hellman A Shot to Die For $6.99 Filmaking
Libby Fischer Hellman An Image of Death $6.50 Filmaking
Robert Hemming With Murderous Intent $4.99 True Crime
Bruce Henderson Trace Evidence $6.99 True Crime
Tom Henderson A Deadly Affair $6.99 True Crime
Tom Henderson Darker than Night $6.99 True Crime
Vickie Hendricks Miami Purity $10.00 Noir
Vickie Hendricks Voluntary Madness $13.00 Noir
April Henry Circles of Confusion $5.99 Art
Sue Henry Beneath the Ashes $6.99 Alaska/Dogs
Sue Henry Cold Company $6.99 Alaska/Dogs
Sue Henry Deadfall $6.99 Alaska/Dogs
Sue Henry Death Takes Passage $6.99 Alaska/Dogs
Sue Henry Degrees of Seperation $6.99 Dogs
Sue Henry Murder at Five Finger Light $6.99 Alaska/Dogs
Sue Henry Murder on the Iditarod Trail $6.99 Alaska/Dogs
Sue Henry Murder on the Yukon Quest $6.50 Alaska/Dogs
Sue Henry The Refuge $6.99 Cozy
Sue Henry SerpentÕs Tail $6.99 Alaska/Dogs
Sue Henry Sleeping Lady $6.99 Alaska/Dogs
Sue Henry The Tooth of Time $6.99 Cozy
Arthur Herzog The Woodchipper Murder $4.95 True Crime
Joan Hess A Really Cute Corpse $4.99 Cozy
Joan Hess Damsels in Distress $6.99 Claire Malloy
Joan Hess Death by the Light of the Moon $6.50 Cozy
Joan Hess Maggody and the Moonbeams $6.99 Humor
Joan Hess Misery Loves Maggody $6.99 Humor
Joan Hess Muletrain to Maggody $6.99 Humor
Joan Hess $6.99 Humor
Joan Hess Out on a Limb $6.99 Cozy
Joan Hess Roll Over and Play Dead $5.99 Cozy
Joan Hess The Goodbye Body $6.99 Cozy
Joan Hess Tickled to Death $4.99 Cozy
David Hewson The Garden of Evil $6.99 Italy/Police
David Hewson LuciferÕs Shadow $14.99 Police/Italy
David Hewson The Sacred Cut $6.99 Police/Italy
David Hewson A Season for the Dead $6.99 Police/Italy
David Hewson The Villa of Mysteries $6.99 Police/Italy
Joseph Heywood Blue Wolf in Green Fire $12.95 Michigan
Joseph Heywood. Death Roe $24.95 Michigan
Joseph Heywood Ice Hunter $12.95 Michigan
Joseph Heywood Running Dark $14.95 Michigan
Joseph Heywood Strike Dog $19.95 Michigan
Carl Hiassen Lucky You $7.99 Humor
Carl Hiassen Native Tongue $7.99 Humor