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Carolyn Hart Death in LoverŐs Lane $6.50 Cozy
Carolyn Hart Death in Paradise $6.50 Cozy
Carolyn Hart Death on Demand $4.99 Bibliomystery
Carolyn Hart Death on the River Walk $6.50 Cozy
Carolyn Hart Design for Murder $6.50 Cozy
Carolyn Hart Engaged to Die $6.99 Cozy
Carolyn Hart Honeymoon with Murder $6.99 Cozy
Carolyn Hart A Little Class on Murder $5.99 Cozy
Carolyn Hart Mint Julep Murder $5.99 Cozy
Carolyn Hart Murder Walks the Plank $6.99 Cozy
Carolyn Hart Resort to Murder $6.99 Cozy
Carolyn Hart Scandal in Fair Haven $6.99 Cozy
Carolyn Hart Something Wicked $6.99 Cozy
Carolyn Hart Southern Ghost $7.50 Cozy
Carolyn Hart Sugar Plum Dead $6.99 Cozy
Carolyn Hart White Elephant Dead $6.99 Cozy
Caroyln Hart Dead ManŐs Island $5.99 Cozy
Caroyln Hart Yankee Doodle Dead $6.50 Cozy
Ellen Hart A Killing Cure $13.95 Gay/Lesbian
Ellen Hart Dial M for Meatloaf $6.99 Cooking
Ellen Hart Hallowed Murder $13.95 Gay/Lesbian
Ellen Hart Immaculate Midnight $13.95 Gay/Lesbian
Ellen Hart No Reservations Required $6.99 Cooking
Ellen Hart Slice and Dice $6.50 Cooking
Ellen Hart et. al., Editors The Silence of the Loons $16.00 Short Stories
Erin Hart Haunted Ground $7.50 Anthropology/Ireland
Erin Hart Lake of Sorrows $7.99 Anthropology/Ireland
A.J. Hartley The Mask of Atreus $7.99 Art
A.J. Hartley What Time Devours $7.99 Shakesepare
John Harvey Flesh and Blood $14.00 British/Police
Michael Harvey The Chicago Way $13.95 P.I.
Patricia Harwin Arson and Old Lace $6.50 British Village
Patricia Harwin Slaying is Such Sweet Sorrow $6.99 British Village
Chris Haslam Twelve-Step Fandango $13.95 Noir
Ilona Haus Blue Mercy $6.99 Police
Pete Hautman Mrs. Million $12.95 Noir
Pete Hautman Ring Game $6.50 Noir
Pete Hautman Short Money $5.99 Noir
Pete Hautman The Prop $14.00 Noir
Adrian Havill While Innocents Slept $6.99 True Crime
Simon Hawke A Mystery of Errors $6.99 Historical
Gayleen Hays and Kathleen Moloney Policewoman One $4.99 True Crime
Mo Hayter The Devil of Nanking $7.99 Historical
Sparkle Hayter Bandit Queen Boogie $13.00 Humor
Sparkle Hayter Nice Girls Finish Last $5.95 Humor
Sparkle Hayter Revenge of the Cootie Girls $6.99 Humor
Sparkle Hayter The Chelsea Girl Murders $5.99 Humor
Sparkle Hayter WhatŐs a Girl Gotta Do $6.99 Humor
Roy Hazelwood and Stephen G. Michaud Dark Dreams $6.99 True Crime
Daniel Hecht City of Masks $13.95 Native American