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Lauren Haney A Place of Darkness $6.50 Historical/Egypt
Lauren Haney A Vile Justice $5.99 Historical/Egypt
Lauren Haney Flesh of the God $6.99 Historical/Egypt
Joseph Hansen Troublemaker $12.95 Gay/Lesbian
Karen Harper The Fatal Fashione $6.99 Historical/Elizabethan
Karen Harper The Fyre Mirror $6.99 Historical
Karen Harper The Hooded Hawke $23.95 Historical/Elizabethan
Karen Harper The Poyson Garden $6.99 Historical/Elizabethan
Karen Harper The QueeneÕs Christmas $6.99 Historical/Christmas
Karen Harper The Tidal Poole $6.50 Historical/Elizabethan
Arthur Jay Harris Flowers for Mrs. Luskin $5.99 True Crime
C.S. Harris Why Mermaids Sing $6.99 Historical
Charlaine Harris All Together Dead $24.95 Vampires
Charlaine Harris Club Dead $7.99 Vampire
Charlaine Harris Dead as a Doornail $7.99 Vampire
Charlaine Harris Dead to the World $7.99 Vampire
Charlaine Harris Dead Until Dark $7.50 Vampire
Charlaine Harris Definitely Dead $7.99 Vampire
Charlaine Harris From Dead to Worse $7.99 Vampires
Charlaine Harris Last Scene Alive $5.99 Cozy
Charlaine Harris Living Dead in Dallas $7.99 Vampire
Charlaine Harris ShakespeareÕs Champion $6.99 Cozy
Charlaine Harris ShakespeareÕs Christmas $5.99 Christmas
Charlaine Harris ShakespeareÕs Counselor $6.50 Cozy
Charlaine Harris ShakespeareÕs Landlord $6.99 Cozy
Charlaine Harris Sweet and Deadly $7.99 Cozy
Janis Harris A Deadly Bouquet $6.50 Gardening
Janis Harris Reap a Wicked Harvest $6.99 Gardening
John Norman Harris The Weird World of Wes Beattie $14.95 Classic
Lee Harris Murder in HellÕs Kitchen $6.99 Police
Lee Harris The April FoolÕs Day Murder $6.50 Cozy
Lee Harris The Christmas Night Murder $6.99 Cozy/Christmas
Lee Harris The FatherÕs Day Murder $5.99 Cozy
Lee Harris The Good Friday Murder $6.99 Cozy
Lee Harris The Happy Birthday Murder $6.99 Cozy
Lee Harris The MotherÕs Day Murder $6.50 Cozy
Lee Harris The New YearÕs Eve Murder $5.99 Cozy
Lee Harris The Passover Murder $5.99 Cozy
Lee Harris The Silver Anniversary Murder $6.99 Cozy
Lee Harris The Thanksgiving Day Murder $5.99 Cozy
Lee Harris The ValentineÕs Day Murder $5.99 Cozy
Jamie Harrison An Unfortunate Prairie Occurrence $5.99 Police
Jamie Harrison Blue Deer Thaw $6.50 Police
Jamie Harrison Going Local $5.99 Police
Jamie Harrison The Edge of the Crazies $6.99 Police
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles The Second Bill Slider Omnibus $15.00 British/Police
Donald Harstad A Long December $13.95 Police
Carolyn Hart April Fool Dead $6.99 Cozy
Carolyn Hart Dead Days of Summer $6.99 Cozy
Carolyn Hart Deadly Valentine $5.99 Cozy