Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Isidore Hailblum New York Confidential $6.99 P.I.
Carolyn Haines Bones to Pick $6.99 P.I.
Carolyn Haines Buried Bones $6.50 Cozy
Carolyn Haines Ham Bones $6.99 Cozy
Kathryn Miller Haines The Winter of Her Discontent $13.95 Historical
Hans Halberstadt Under Cover $6.99 True Crime
James W. Hall Body Language $6.99 Suspense
James W. Hall Forests of the Night $6.99 Police
James W. Hall Tropical Freeze $11.95 Suspense
Oakley Hall Ambrose Bierce and the Ace of Shoots $14.00 Historical
Oakley Hall Ambrose Bierce and the One-Eyed Jacks $12.00 Historical
Oakley Hall Ambrose Bierce and the Queen of Spades $5.99 Historical
Parnell Hall Actor. $5.50 Cozy/Theater
Parnell Hall Last Puzzle and Testament $6.50 Cozy/Crosswords
Parnell Hall Puzzled to Death $6.50 Cozy/Crosswords
Parnell Hall Stalking the Puzzle Lady $24.00 Cozy/Crossword Puzzles
Parnell Hall Stalking the Puzzle Lady $6.99 Cozy/Crosswords
Gemma Halliday Killer in High Heels $6.99 Cozy
Gemma Halliday Mayhem in High Heels $7.99 Cozy
Barbara Hambly A Free Man of Color $7.50 Historical/1850's
Barbara Hambly Days of the Dead $6.99 Historical/1850's
Barbara Hambly Die Upon a Kiss $5.99 Historical/1850's
Barbara Hambly Fever Season $6.99 Historical/1850's
Barbara Hambly Graveyard Dust $5.99 Historical/1850's
Barbara Hambly Wet Grave $6.50 Historical/1850's
Pete Hamill The Guns of Heaven $6.99 Noir
Denise Hamilton Savage Garden $7.99 Journalism
Lyn Hamilton The Chinese Alchemist $7.99 Archeology
Lyn Hamilton The Etruscan Chimera $6.50 Anthropology
Lyn Hamilton The Magyar Venus $6.99 Anthropology
Lyn Hamilton The Maltese Goddess $6.99 Anthropology
Lyn Hamilton The Moai Murders $6.99 Anthropology
Lyn Hamilton The Orkney Scroll $7.99 Archeology
Lyn Hamilton The Xibalba Murders $6.99 Anthropology
Steve Hamilton A Cold Day in Paradise $6.99 P.I.
Steve Hamilton Ice Run $6.99 P.I.
Steve Hamilton The Hunting Wind $6.99 P.I.
Steve Hamilton Winter of the Wolf Moon $6.99 P.I.
Dashiell Hammett Red Harvest $11.95 Classic
Dashiell Hammett The Glass Key $11.95 Classic
Dashiell Hammett The Maltese Falcon $11.95 Classic
Dashiell Hammett The Thin Man $11.95 Classic
David Handler The Bright Silver Star $6.99 Cozy
David Handler The Burnt Orange Sunrise $6.99 Cozy
David Handler The Cold Blue Blood $6.50 Cozy
David Handler The Hot Pink Farmhouse $6.99 Cozy
David Handler The Sweet Golden Parachute $23.95 Humor
Lauren Haney A Curse of Silence $6.50 Historical/Egypt
Lauren Haney A Face Turned Backward $5.99 Historical/Egypt
Lauren Haney A Path of Shadows $6.99 Historical/Egypt