Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Jimmie Ruth Evans Left Over Dead $7.99 Humor
Jimmie Ruth Evans Murder Over Easy $6.99 Humor
Terence Faherty Kill Me Again $14.00 P.I.
Nancy Fairbanks Bon Bon Voyage $6.99 Cooking
Nancy Fairbanks French Fried $6.99 Cooking
Nancy Fairbanks Holy Guacamole! $5.99 Cozy
Nancy Fairbanks Turkey Flambe $6.99 Cooking
Brian Freeman Stripped $6.99 Police
Helen Falconer Primrose Hill $12.95 Noir
Diane Fanning Out There $6.99 True Crime
Diane Fanning Through the Window $6.99 True Crime
Diane Fanning Under the Knife $6.99 True Crime
Harry Farrell Swift Justice $13.95 True Crime
Harry Farrell Shallow Grave in Trinity County $14.95 True Crime
Jon Fasman The GeographerÕs Library $14.00 Historical
Alabama Fats as told to Steven Levi Telling it All: My Life as a Con Man $14.95 True Crime
Ron Faust Dead Men Rise Up Never $6.99 P.I.
Paul H. Feldman Jack the Ripper: the Final Chapter $6.99 True Crime
Monica Ferris Crewel World $6.99 Cozy
Monica Ferris Cutwork $6.99 Cozy
Monica Ferris Embroidered Truths $6.99 Cozy
Monica Ferris Framed in Lace $5.99 Cozy
Monica Ferris Hanging by a Thread $6.50 Cozy
Monica Ferris Patterns of Murder: Crewel World, Framed in Lace, A Stitch in Time $12.95 Cozy
Monica Ferris Sins and Needles $6.99 Knitting
Monica Ferris A Stitch in Time $6.99 Cozy
Monica Ferris Unraveled Sleeve $6.99 Cozy
Japser Fforde Something Rotten $14.00 Fantasy/cozy
Jasper Fforde Lost in a Good Book $14.00 Fantasy/cozy
Jasper Fforde The Big Over Easy $14.00 Fantasy/cozy
Jasper Fforde The Eyre Affair $14.00 Fantasy/cozy
Jasper Fforde The Well of Lost Plots $14.00 Fantasy/cozy
G.G. Fickling Honey West/This Girl for Hire $13.95 Noir
Sharon Fiffer The Wrong Stuff. $6.99 Cozy
Jack Finney Time and Again $14.00 Classic
Patricia Finney GloriannaÕs Torch $13.95 Historical
Amy Fisher and Sheila Weller My Story $5.50 True Crime
David Fisher Hard Evidence $5.99 True Crime
Joey with David Fisher Hit #29 $14.95 Mafia
Joey with David Fisher The Autobiography of a Mafia Killer $14.95 Mafia
Jim Fisher Crimson Stain $7.50 True Crime
Rudolf Fisher The Conjure Man Dies $16.95 African American
Thomas Fitzsimmons City of Fire $7.99 Police
Michael Fleeman Deadly Mistress $6.99 True Crime
Michael Fleeman Killer Bodies $6.99 True Crime
Michael Fleeman The Stranger in My Bed $6.99 True Crime
Michael Fleeman Over the Edge $6.99 True Crime
A.S. Fleishman Look Behind You, Lady/The Venetian Blonde $19.95 Noir
Connie Fletcher Breaking and Entering $6.50 True Crime
Connie Fletcher Crime Scene $7.99 True Crime