Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Aaron Elkins Fellowship of Fear $6.99 Anthropology
Aaron Elkins Old Bones $6.50 Anthropology
Aaron Elkins Unnatural Selection $7.99 Forensic Anthropology
Aaron Elkins Where ThereÕs a Will $6.99 Archeology
David Ellis Jury of One $7.99 Legal
David Ellis Life Sentence $7.99 Legal
David Ellis Line of Vision $7.99 Legal
James Ellroy Crime Wave $12.00 Noir
James Ellroy Destination - Morgue! $13.95 Noir
James Ellroy Hollywood Nocturne $13.95 Noir
James Ellroy Killer on the Road $13.00 Noir
James Ellroy LA Confidential $13.95 Noir
James Ellroy My Dark Places $14.00 Memoir
James Ellroy The Big Nowhere $13.95 Noir
James Ellroy The Black Dahlia $13.99 Noir
James Ellroy The Cold Six Thousand $15.95 Noir
Earl Emerson Catfish Cafˇ $6.50 P.I.
Earl Emerson Deception Pass $5.99 P.I.
Earl Emerson Deviant Behavior $6.50 P.I.
Earl Emerson Fat Tuesday $6.50 P.I.
Earl Emerson The Million Dollar Tattoo $5.99 P.I.
Earl Emerson Nervous Laughter $6.50 P.I.
Earl Emerson Poverty Bay $5.99 P.I.
Earl Emerson The Rainy City $6.99 P.I.
Earl Emerson The Smoke Room $6.99 Firefighting
Earl Emerson The Vanishing Smile $6.99 P.I.
Kathy Lynn Emerson Face Down Before the Rebel Hooves $5.99 Historical/Elizabethan
Kathy Lynn Emerson Face Down Before the St. AnneÕs Well $13.95 Historical/Elizabethan
Kathy Lynn Emerson Face Down Beside St. Anne's Well $13.95 Historical
Kathy Lynn Emerson Face Down Under the Wych Elm $5.99 Historical/Elizabethan
Kathy Lynn Emerson No Mortal Reason $17.95 Historical
Diane Emley The First Cut $6.99 Police
Noel Emmons Manson in His Own Words $12.50 True Crime
Ken Englade Deadly Lessons $4.99 True Crime
Ken Englade Hot Blood $5.99 True Crime
J.F. Englert A Dog About Town $6.99 Dogs
T.J. English The Westies $5.95 Mafia
Lou Eppalito and Bob Drury Mafia Cop $5.99 Mafia
K.J. Erickson Alone at Night $6.99 Police
K.J. Erickson The Dead Survivors $6.99 Police
Tom Eslick Deadly Kin $7.99 Psychological
Loren D. Estleman American Detective $7.99 P.I./Michigan
Loren D. Estleman The Branch and the Scaffold $24.95 Western
Loren D. Estleman Retro $5.99 P.I./Michigan
Loren D. Estleman and Monte Nagler Amos WalkerÕs Detroit $34.95 Photography
Colin Evans The Casebook of Forensic Detection $15.00 Reference
Colin Evans Killer Doctors $7.99 True Crime
Jimmie Ruth Evans Best Served Cold $6.99 Humor
Jimmie Ruth Evans Bring Your Own Poison $6.99 Humor
Jimmie Ruth Evans Flamingo Fatale $6.99 Cozy