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Lindsey Davis The Jupiter Myth $12.95 Historical/Rome
Lindsey Davis Three Hands in the Fountain $6.99 Historical/Rome
Lindsey Davis Two for the Lions $6.99 Historical/Rome
Martin Davis Mrs. Hudson and the Malabar Rose $6.99 Sherlock Holmes
Norbert Davis Oh, Murderer Mine $14.00 Vintage/humor
Norbert Davis SallyÕs in the Alley $14.00 Vintage/humor
Norbert Davis The Mouse in the Mountain $14.00 Vintage/humor
Diane Day Beacon Street Mourning $5.99 Historical/San Francisco
Diane Day Death Train to Boston $6.99 Historical/San Francisco
Diane Day Emperor NortonÕs Ghost $6.50 Historical/San Francisco
Diane Day Fire and Fog $6.50 Historical/San Francisco
Diane Day The Bohemian Murders $6.50 Historical/San Francisco
Jim de Felice Kill Grandma For Me $6.50 True Crime
Dicey Deere The Irish Cairn Murder $6.50 Cozy/Ireland
Dicey Deere The Irish Manor House Murder $6.99 Cozy/Ireland
Dicey Deere The Irish Village Murder $6.99 Cozy/Ireland
Cartha D. ÔDekeÕ DeLoach HooverÕs FBI $16.95 True Crime
Nora DeLoach Mama Pursues Murderous Shadows $5.99 Cozy/cooking
Nora DeLoach Mama Saves a Victim $7.99 Cozy/cooking
Nora DeLoach Mama Saves a Victim $7.99 Cozy/cooking
Nora DeLoach Mama Solves a Murder $4.95 Cozy/cooking
Nora DeLoach Mama Stands Accused $7.99 Cozy/cooking
Albert DeMeo For the Sins of My Father $14.95 True Crime
Hannah Dennison Scoop $6.99 British Village
Jo Dereske Bookmarked to Die $6.99 Bibliomystery
Jo Dereske Miss Zukas and the Library Murders $6.99 Bibliomystery
Anthony M. Destefano King of the Godfathers $6.99 Mafia
Colin Dexter Death is Now My Neighbor $6.99 British/Police
Colin Dexter Last Seen Wearing $6.99 British/Police
Colin Dexter Service of all the Dead $6.99 British/Police
Colin Dexter The Remorseful Day $6.99 British/Police
Colin Dexter The Riddle of the Third Mile $6.99 British/Police
Colin Dexter The Way through the Woods $6.99 British/Police
Michael Dibdin And Then You Die $12.00 Police/Italy
Michael Dibdin Back to Bologna $12.95 Police/Italy
Michael Dibdin Blood Rain $12.00 Police/Italy
Michael Dibdin Cabal $12.95 Police/Italy
Michael Dibdin Cosi Fan Tutti $12.00 Police/Italy
Michael Dibdin Dark Specter $13.00 Police/Italy
Michael Dibdin The Dying of the Light $10.00 Police/Italy
Michael Dibdin End Games $23.95 Police/Italy
Michael Dibdin The Last Sherlock Holmes Story $12.00 Police/Italy
Michael Dibdin A Long Finish $12.95 Police/Italy
Michael Dibdin Rat King $12.95 Police/Italy
Michael Dibdin A Rich Full Death $12.00 Police/Italy
Michael Dibdin Thanksgiving $12.00 Police/Italy
Michael Dibdin The Tryst $12.00 Police/Italy
Michael Dibdin Vendetta $12.00 Police/Italy
Kenneth R Dickson Something for Nothing $20.95 Historical True Crime
Karen Dionne Freezing Point $7.99 Nature