Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Tom Corcoran The Mango Opera $6.99 Humor
Patricia Cornwell At Risk $7.99 Forensic
Patricia Cornwell Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper, Case Closed $7.99 True Crime
Colin Cotterill Anarchy and Old Dogs $12.00 Laos
Colin Cotterill The Coroner's Lunch $12.00 Laos
Colin Cotterill Disco for the Departed $12.00 Laos
Colin Cotterill Thirty-three Teeth $12.00 Laos
Rick Cowan and Douglas Century Takedown $7.99 Mafia
Bill G. Cox Special Delivery $6.50 True Crime
Bill G. Cox No Safe Place $6.50 True Crime
Cleo Coyle Latte Trouble $6.99 Cozy
Cleo Coyle Murder Most Frothy $6.99 Cozy
Cleo Coyle Through the Grinder $5.99 Cozy
Emily Craig Teasing Secrets from the Dead $13.95 Reference
Philip R. Craig A Beautiful Place to Die $6.99 Cozy
Philip R. Craig A Case of Vineyard Poison $5.99 Cozy
Philip R. Craig A Deadly Vineyard Holiday $6.50 Cozy
Philip R. Craig A Fatal Vineyard Season $5.99 Cozy
Philip R. Craig A Shoot on MarthaÕs Vineyard $5.99 Cozy
Philip R. Craig A Vineyard Killing $6.99 Cozy
Philip R. Craig Death on a Vineyard Beach $5.99 Cozy
Philip R. Craig Off Season $5.99 Cozy
Philip R. Craig Vineyard Shadows $6.50 Cozy
Philip R. Craig. Vineyard Prey $6.99 Cozy
Robert Crais The Two Minute Rule $7.99 Suspense
Isis Crawford A Catered Murder $5.99 Cooking
Isis Crawford A Catered Wedding $6.50 Cooking
Bill Crider WeÕll Always Have Murder $6.99 P.I./Historical
Deborah Crombie A Finer End $6.99 British/Police
Deborah Crombie A Share in Death $6.99 British/Police
Deborah Crombie All Shall Be Well $7.50 British/Police
Deborah Crombie Dreaming of the Bones $7.99 British/Police
Deborah Crombie Kissed a Sad Goodbye $6.99 British/Police
Deborah Crombie Mourn Not Your Dead $6.99 British/Police
Deborah Crombie Now May You Weep $7.50 British/Police
Ellen Crosby The Merlot Murders $6.99 Wine
Amanda Cross An Imperfect Spy $5.99 Academic
Amanda Cross Death in a Tenured Position $6.99 Academic
Amanda Cross Sweet Death. Kind Death $5.99 Academic
Amanda Cross The Collected Stories $12.00 Academic
Amanda Cross The James Joyce Murder $6.50 Academic
Amanda Cross The Players Come Again $6.99 Academic
Amanda Cross The Puzzled Heart $6.99 Academic
Amanda Cross The Question of Max $5.95 Academic
Michael Crow The Bite $6.99 Police
Michael Crow Red Rain $6.99 Police
Kieran Crowley Almost Paradise $6.99 True Crime
James Crumley The Last Good Kiss $11.95 Noir
James Crumley The Right Madness $14.00 Noir
Jeanine Cummins A Rip in Heaven: A Memoir of Murder and irÕs Aftermath $12.95 True Crime