Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Max Allen Collins The War of the Worlds Murder $7.99 Historical
Wilkie Collins Miss or Mrs?/The Haunted Hotel/The Guilty River $11.95 Classic
B. Comfort PhoebeÕs Knee $6.95 Cozy
B. Comfort The Cashmere Kid $7.95 Cozy
Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant Steamed $6.99 Cooking
Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant Turn Up the Heat $7.99 Cooking
Susan Conant All Shots $7.99 Dogs
Susan Conant Animal Appetite $5.99 Cozy/dogs
Susan Conant Bride and Groom $6.99 Cozy/dogs
Susan Conant Creature Discomforts $5.99 Cozy/dogs
Susan Conant Evil Breeding $5.99 Cozy/dogs
Susan Conant Gaits of Heaven $6.99 Dogs
Susan Conant Gone to the Dogs $5.99 Cozy/dogs
Susan Conant Ruffly Speaking $5.99 Cozy/dogs
Susan Conant Scratch the Surface $6.99 Cats
Susan Conant Stud Rites $5.99 Cozy/dogs
Susan Conant The Barker Street Regulars $5.99 Cozy/dogs
Susan Conant The Dogfather $6.99 Cozy/dogs
Susan Conant The Wicked Flea $6.99 Cozy/dogs
John Connelly The Unquiet $7.99 Thriller
John Connelly The White Road $7.99 P.I.
Michael Connelly Echo Park $7.99 Police
Sheila Connolly One Bad Apple $6.99 Cozy
Bernard F. Conners Tailspin: the Strange Case of Major Call $26.95 True Crime
Beverly Connor Dead Guilty $6.99 Medical examiner
Beverly Connor Dead Past $7.99 Forensic
Beverly Connor Scattered Graves $7.99 Forensic
K.C. Constantine Blood Mud $13.95 Police
K.C. Constantine Bottom Liner Blues $5.99 Police
K.C. Constantine Cranks and Shadows $5.99 Police
K.C. Constantine Family Values $5.99 Police
K.C. Constantine Good Sons $5.99 Police
K.C. Constantine Grievance $12.95 Police
K.C. Constantine Sunshine Enemies $4.95 Police
Bob Cook Disorderly Elements $14.95 Espionage
Thomas H. Cook Evidence of Blood $5.99 Psychological
Thomas H. Cook Into the Web $6.99 Psychological
Thomas H. Cook Mortal Memory $6.50 Psychological
Thomas H. Cook Places in the Dark $6.50 Psychological
Thomas H. Cook The Chatham School Affair $6.99 Psychological
Thomas H. Cook The Interrogation $6.99 Psychological
Troy Cook The One Minute Assassin $14.95 P.I.
Susan Rogers Cooper A Crooked Little House $5.99 Cozy
Susan Rogers Cooper DonÕt Drink the Water $5.99 Cozy
Susan Rogers Cooper Home Again, Home Again $5.99 Cozy
Susan Rogers Cooper Not in my Backyard $5.99 Cozy
Susan Rogers Cooper One, Two, What Did Daddy Do? $5.50 Cozy
Tom Corcoran Bone Island Mambo $6.99 Humor
Tom Corcoran Gumbo Limbo $6.50 Humor
Tom Corcoran Octopus Alibi $6.99 Humor