Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books

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Alys Clare Fortune Like the Moon $6.50 Historical
Wensley Clarkson Death at Every Stop $5.99 True Crime
Wensley Clarkson The Good Doctor $6.99 True Crime
Wensley Clarkson The MotherŐs Day Murder $6.50 True Crime
Wensley Clarkson Whatever Mother Says... $6.50 True Crime
Melissa Cleary In the Doghouse $5.99 Cozy/dogs
Jane Cleland Antiques to Die For $23.95 Antiques
Jane K. Cleland Consigned to Death $6.99 Antiques
Jane Cleland Killer Keepsakes $24.95 Antiques
Judy Clemens Different Paths $14.95 Cozy
Judy Clemens Three Can Keep a Secret $14.95 Farming/Motorcycles
Judy Clemens To Thine Own Self Be True $24.95 Farming/Motorcycles
Blaize Clement Even Catsitters Get the Blues $6.99 Pet Sitter
Barbara Cleverly Bright Hair About the Bone $13.00 Historical
Barbara Cleverly Ragtime in Simla $6.99 Historical/India
Barbara Cleverly Tug of War $24.95 Historical
Tim Cockey Backstabber $6.99 Funeral Director/Humor
Tim Cockey Hearse of a Different Color $7.99 Funeral Director/Humor
Margaret Coel The Dream Stalker $6.50 Native American
Margaret Coel The Drowning Man $7.99 Native American
Margaret Coel Eye of the Wolf $7.99 Native American
Margaret Coel The Ghost Walkers $6.99 Native American
Margaret Coel The Girl with the Braided Hair $7.99 Native American
Margaret Coel Killing Raven $6.99 Native American
Margaret Coel The Lost Bird $6.99 Native American
Margaret Coel The Shadow Dancer $6.99 Native American
Margaret Coel The Spirit Woman $6.50 Native American
Margaret Coel The Story Teller $6.99 Native American
Margaret Coel The Thunder Keeper $6.99 Native American
Margaret Coel Wife of Moon $7.99 Native American
Joseph Coffey and Jerry Schmetterer The Coffey Files $4.99 True Crime
Joan Coggins Dancing with Death $14.95 Vintage/humor
Joan Coggins The Mystery at Orchard House $14.95 Vintage/humor
Joan Coggins Who Killed the Curate? $14.95 Christmas/British Village
Jeffrey Cohen A Night at the Operation $7.99 Humor
Nancy J. Cohen Dead Roots $6.99 Cozy
Nancy J. Cohen Killer Knots $6.99 Cozy
Nancy J. Cohen Perish by Pedicure $6.99 Cozy
David Cole Falling Down $6.99 P.I./Native American
Barbara Colley Married to the Mop $6.99 Cozy
Barbara Colley Srub-a-dub Dead $6.99 Cozy
Barbara Colley Wash and Die $6.99 Cozy
Kate Collins Dearly Depotted $6.99 Gardening
Kate Collins A Rose from the Dead $6.99 Gardening
Kate Collins Snipped in the Bud $6.99 Cozy
Marion Collins Black Widow $6.99 True Crime
Marion Collins The Palm Beach Murder $6.99 True Crime
Marion Collins While She Slept $6.99 True Crime
Max Allan Collins Bones Buried Deep $7.99 Archeology
Max Allen Collins The London Blitz Murders $6.99 Historical