Photo Gallery



S. J. Rozan and a friend from High School!

S.J. Signs

S.J. Speaks

Julia Spencer-Fleming (left), Robin, Louise Penny (right) - Bouchercon '08

Jamie (left) and Harlan Coben - Bouchercon '08

Donna Andrews (left) and Doris Ann Norris, AKA
"The 2000 year old librarian," August '07

Kent Krueger & Sister, August, '07

Suzi Steffle (right) and Cordelia Frances Biddle
(June 13, 2007)

Robin, Kelly & Kris, (aka PJ Parrish), Jamie,
and Michael Koryta (sitting)

Louis Penny (in her fetching Aunt Agatha's T-shirt) and Robin
(June 5, 2007)

Jane Cleland & Jamie Agnew (in Mystery Spot shirt)
(April 20, 2007)

Loren Estleman & Denise Swanson
(April 14, 2007)

Marcus Sakey, Mitchell Bartoy, and Sean Chercover
(Jan 20, 2007)

Mitchell Bartoy, Robin, and Sean Chercover
(Jan 20, 2007)


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